Review – Bradley Original Smoker

A few weeks ago my wife purchased for me a new Bradley Original Smoker from Canadian Tire. I must admit that a never really had the desire to have a smoker, but now that I have one I am more than willing to experiment and see what new culinary adventures this smoker can take me on. I hope that you find my review of Bradley Original Smoker useful. Continue reading “Review – Bradley Original Smoker”

Tips for Winterizing your Cottage for Winters Arrival

Winterizing Your Cottage Winterizing your cottage for winter’s arrival is an important process and can help to avoid a myriad of problems. Irrespective of whether you’ll be stopping by occasionally during the winter months to check on your cottage, or closing it down completely,  the following list will safeguard you against unpleasant surprises. Canoes and Kayaks – Stack canoes and kayaks on sawhorses or on a … Continue reading Tips for Winterizing your Cottage for Winters Arrival

Review – ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box

At some point most cottagers come to the realization that storage space is at a premium.  Inevitably cottagers run out of room storing tools, lumber, lawnmowers, trailers, motorized toys etc. The same happened to me this year when I purchased a new (used) boat, and needed a new garage. After doing some research I went out to Canadian Tire this summer and purchased a 12’X20’x8’ … Continue reading Review – ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box

Gardening in Cottage Country


Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life, most of us look to relax up in cottage country in many different ways.  For some it may be by sipping a favorite beverage on the dock, or going for a tranquil canoe ride. Whatever your pleasure is there is something to be said about the rewarding and relaxing feeling associated with gardening and growing your own vegetables. Continue reading “Gardening in Cottage Country”

Top Ten Cottage Photography Tips

Capture the moment. Have your camera on hand at all times when you’re in Cottage country, as the best moments aren’t choreographed. Always have a camera ready on the go with a charged battery and a memory stick that still has plenty of room on it. Use the “rule of thirds”. For a more visually pleasing image, the image should be imagined as divided into … Continue reading Top Ten Cottage Photography Tips