Stand Up Paddle Boarding

While stand up paddling may have developed in various places around the world, It’s more modern form originated on the beaches of Hawaii but now stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has spread around the world. The popularity in this sport that combines surfing and kayaking is something to be amazed at as it is the fastest growing watersports on the planet! You can now find people enjoying SUP’s everywhere including lakes, oceans, and rivers. Here are some reasons you should give it a try:

  1. Anyone can participate – Stand up paddle boarding is meant for people of all ages and with a little bit of practice can be easily mastered.
  2. It’s not very difficult – The trickiest part of stand-up paddle boarding is learning how to stand – but mastering that shouldn’t involve too many dunkings.
  3. It’s a great full body exercise – Stand up paddling is a great exercise. It improves your core strength, abs, legs, cardio fitness, balance and flexibility.
  4. You can SUP everywhere in nature – The stand up paddle is very versatile and can be practiced anywhere. Find yourself a body of water, whether that be the sea, a lake, river, or bay.
  5. Anyone can SUP – It is highly adaptable so people of all ages are getting involved in the sport.
  6. You don’t need to be a superstar athlete – Unlike surfing, stand up paddle boarding uses a larger, wider board, that is easier to balance on. 
  7. There is a SUP style for everyone – You can choose to paddle in absolute relaxation and serenity crusing through a slow moving river enjoying nature. Or for adventure seekers, enjoy the sport at highly competitive and aggressive level catching waves in the surf.
  8. Socialize – Stand up paddle boarding is a great activity to be done alone or together with family and friends. Go out as a group chatting and paddling as you explore.
  9. Get closer to nature – Just hop onto your board and glide into a new environment. From your vantage point, you can look down into the water and see the aquatic life teeming beneath your feet.
  10. Just get out and relax –  Gliding across the water can be enormously relaxing
  11. It’s the world’s fastest-growing watersport get into stand-up paddle boarding now and become part of a whole new craze.
  12. SUP is affordable – The SUP is now more affordable than ever, for all budgets. A great place to check out a new board would be one of the swift outboard centers located around Ontario
  13. It’s flexible – Many are using the SUP as platform to practice yoga and pilates, pushing the limits of balance and stability.
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