Great Winter Activities in Ontario

Winter Activities in Ontario

Winter in Ontario can sometimes feel daunting and long, but there are many winter activities and outdoor adventures that you should experience.

My Top Winter Family Favorites:

  1. Outdoor Skating: There are many ice-rinks scattered throughout the province plus lakes for pond hockey. Over the years many new Ice skating destinations have started to pop up which can be quite enjoyable. Make sure that if you are venturing out on an unknown pond or lake that it is thick enough for skating on.
  2. Snowmobiling: Snowmobiling is an exciting way to experience Ontario’s breathtaking winter landscape. If you are not fortunate enough to have a snowmobile there are places that will rent them for you, or you can take a guided tour. If you trek out with friends plan accordingly to intercept the numerous snowmobile-friendly communities located throughout the trail system.  You’ll find incredible accommodations, great places to eat, and many services along the way.
  3. Ice Fishing: Whether you are an avid fisher or just want to experience ice fishing for the first time you are guaranteed to have some fun. Either adventure out on a frozen lake, or rent a warm ice hut. Ice fishing is a way of life in the North. There are many outfitters that will guide you through this wonderful adventure
  4. Snow tubing: Snow tubing is a favorite activity for families in Ontario. The great thing is that everyone can do it as there is no need for any special equipment. Just get ready for some fun, bundle yourself up out and head out to one of Ontario’s snow tubing destinations
  5. Dog Sledding: Dogsledding used to be one of the most reliable means for transportation once the snow fell in Ontario. Dog sledding has now transformed itself into one of Ontario’s most thrilling and recreational adventures. There are many Dog sledding excursions throughout Ontario so do some research and reach out to one that is right for you.
  6. Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding: Do you enjoy the thrill and excitement of tackling a snow covered mountain on skis or snowboard? Whether you are an avid skier or a newbie, resorts will cater to your needs. Enjoy the beautiful panoramic sights and sounds which can be experienced from one of Ontario’s mountains. Ski trips are great for families, friends, couples, or even the solo traveler so check out some on Ontario’s ski resorts
  7. Cross Country Skiing: Strap on cross-country skis and experience the wonder of cross country skiing in one of Ontario’s conservation areas or trails. Cross Country Skiing will give you the opportunity to explore Ontario’s wintery scenery.  While skiing you will pass frozen lakes, waterfalls, winter birds and animal tracks.
  8. Snowshoeing: With acres upon acres of unspoiled forests, you will be able to unleash your sense of adventure as you trek through the packed snow of one of Ontario’s many snowshoe trails. Trek through deep powdered areas while exploring Ontario and its wonderful scenery at your own pace. Many destinations have snowshoe rentals or in some cases you can opt for a snowshoe getaway packages.
  9. Winter Camping It’s not as convenient as camping in the summer, but can be just as invigorating.  It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors while cozying up with family and friends. For a slightly more modern experience, reserve a yurt at various locations across Ontario.
  10. Winter Bonfire: S’mores are not just for summer! Enjoying an outdoor bonfire! Adults and kids alike love to roast marshmallows and sip hot chocolate after an outdoor winter activity or adventure.
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