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A few weeks ago my wife purchased for me a new Bradley Original Smoker from Canadian Tire. I must admit that a never really had the desire to have a smoker, but now that I have one I am more than willing to experiment and see what new culinary adventures this smoker can take me on. I hope that you find my review of Bradley Original Smoker useful.img_1682

With a little snooping I quickly found that my wife purchased the Bradley Original Smoker for $449.99. At that price you get a Bar fridge style smoker cabinet, 4 racks, smoke generator, a cookbook, user guide, and built-in thermometer

The smoker is well packaged and easy to assemble without the use of any tools. I can state that my first impression is that I was pleasantly surprised with the product. The smoker cabinet seemed quite well constructed, the door closes well, and the grills and trays seem well constructed. The graphics that they placed on the front door add some flare to the unit.

Online research indicated that over prolonged use that the rubber seals on the doors do tend to deteriorate over time. I hope this is not the case but I guess time will tell.

I ran the smoker shortly after assembly, and although I am  new to my “smoking” journey I thought I would list some of the pros and cons of the unit:


  • Stainless steel interior construction makes for easy cleaning
  • Bisquette advancement mechanism makes for easy smoking
  • Sturdiness of smoker unit, and ample space
  • Easy assembly


  • Occasional wasted Bisquettes
  • Difficulty in getting up to temperature in colder climates (had to bring mine into garage during the winter months)
  • Temperature control
  • The need to use Bradley Bisquettes

For Bradley to improve their product in addition to the items listed above I would suggest the following 1) Include several Bisquettes with the original purchase to test and, 2)  Bradley could have included a more professional cookbook as opposed to what was included with the smoker.

Happy Smoking Everyone!

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