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At some point most cottagers come to the realization that storage space is at a premium.  Inevitably cottagers run out of room storing tools, lumber, lawnmowers, trailers, motorized toys etc. The same happened to me this year when I purchased a new (used) boat, and needed a new garage.

After doing some research I went out to Canadian Tire this summer and purchased a 12’X20’x8’ Shelterlogic RoundTop Garage-in-a-Box Model #62783.

Ready to be Installed

I opened the box, and embarked on my new adventure. The instructions suggest that you have 3+ individuals for assembly and that approximate assembly time is approximately 2 hours. I unfortunately only one had one helper that was voluntold to help, and it took me about 4.5 hours to install. You also have to have with you some rope, measuring tape, ratchet set, a ladder, hammer, and utility knife.

The Pros:

I was quite impressed with the garage and how it was constructed, and the ease that it went together. The fabric seems durable and the installation instructions are concise and clear to understand. All parts came properly protected in the box, quality control was quite good as I had no problems with fit-up, and the zippers seem sturdy.

The Cons:

A few of the metal supports were not properly labelled, this was quickly overcome by simply sorting them out and making sure that you had the correct number of each type. I would have preferred to have ratchets supplied that were a little more robust as I am not sure they will last long if you have to use them multiple times.

My biggest frustration with the product however is with re-work. As per the instructions you have to install the “Middle Ribs”, and “ Shelter Lock  End Rib Connections”  only to have to remove them again temporarily to allow to back panel installation and fabric rails  which form part of the cover – What a time waster!

Observations & Suggestions:

Once constructed, make sure to secure the garage properly to the ground. I suggest that you purchase additional anchoring mechanisms, over and above what was supplied to ensure the structure doesn’t blow away. Also never forget that a heavy snow load can damage the garage and whatever you have stored inside of it, so please remember to regularly clear the snow from your garage.

completed garage

My suggestions to ShelterLogic for improving their product would be to supply additional auger anchors than could be installed at the midpoints of the structure, and a mesh window with covered flap that could be opened to allow for better airflow circulation through the garage.

Overall I was quite pleased with the product, hope it lasts me several years, and would rate the product as a 4.5 out of 5.

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3 thoughts on “Review – ShelterLogic Garage-in-a-Box

  1. Great info! I need something like this for winter boat storage and for summer working on boats and bikes, etc. I need to find a flat spot on my property to put it on! The ventilation issue is important! How about a spring update?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I would agree that you do have to find a flat area. I brought in a few loads of granular A to create a nice flat base that would stay dry. If you keep the door open every now and then ventilation should not be a problem. Oh, and yes I have no problems giving you a spring update.

      Just verify the size of the boats you are working on will fit. The combination of a boat on a trailer with the garages arches, will constrain the available space you have.

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    2. I thought I would provide a quick update as requested. The Garage-in-a-box has held up great, except for the tear I put in it while trying to get out my boat! So far I have been very pleased, my only comment when purchasing one is to take into account the curvature of the garage. It tapers quickly and as I found out the hard way it makes it more difficult to store a boat. If I were to do it again I would have purchased a larger unit.

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