Top 5 Ontario Fall Drives

There is no doubt the fall is upon us, the heat and humidity of the summer is gone, and brought with it the crispness and breeze of fall. Take some time out this fall to go for a drive to explore Ontario and the brilliant fall colors that come with it.

To ensure that you are coordinating you drive with the peak colors please refer to the following link to give you an idea of what to expect before you set out on you adventure :

  1. Algonquin Park – Canada’s oldest and possibly most famous provincial park encompasses  7,653 sq. kms of trees and foliage. From mid-September to mid-October, the colours are rich and vibrant. Enter from either the West or East gate, and drive along the Highway 60 corridor. Make sure to explore many of the trails situated off the corridor.
  2. Owen Sound to Tobermory -There’s a very picturesque drive from Owen Sound, through Wiarton and then finally finishing in Tobermory. Drive up either Highway 6 or Highway 10, enroute to Tobermory, stopping along many of the small little towns along the way to explore many of the restaurants shops, and antique stores along the way. Remember to get off the main route along the way as you have the escarpment on one side and the bay on the other.
  3. Sault St. Marie to Wawa. I know this one can be a bit of a trek but you won’t be disappointed. From Sault St. Marie drive along Highway 17 north to Wawa, and experience Lake Superior in it’s magnificence, and the sights that attracted the Group of Seven to this picturesque area. Stay and eat in lodges, resorts and motels along the way. Bird migration at this time of year is an added bonus that you will also may experience.
  4. North Bay to Temiskgaming – Another weekend getaway that will leave you wanting more. Starting off in North Bay, you will head north through Marten River, Temagami, before reaching your destination of Temiskgaming.   This ride takes drivers through quiet, scenic roads and communities that are full of unique history and many great spots to eat.
  5. The North Shore of Lake Superior – Start off at Kakabeka Falls also known as the “Niagara of the North”, travel towards Thunder bay, and ultimately ending up In Marathon. Along the way take the time to explore waterfalls, canyons, as well as small shops and restaurants along the way.

There are many more great drives in Ontario to explore, if you have another that you would like to share with us please feel free to leave a note on the comments section of this article.

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