My Sunchoke Adventure

As the lockdown progressed in time, I started pondering to myself how could I be a little more self sufficient? How could I grow a little more food for myself and my family? Given the resources available to myself I began scouring the internet for options, and after looking at videos on youtube and various articles on the internet I became more and more intrigued … Continue reading My Sunchoke Adventure

Getting the Cottage ready for Spring

The ice has melted away, the mosquitoes and black flies have taken hold of the airways, and the trilliums are starting to bloom. Unfortunately as cottage owners, we can’t focus on rest and relaxation right away, there is work which needs to get done prior to summer rolling in. The May long weekend is typically recognized as the traditional opening ceremony for cottagers, and the … Continue reading Getting the Cottage ready for Spring

Outdoor Skating at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Nestled in the beautiful forest of Arrowhead Provincial Park, which is approximately a 2.5 hour drive from Toronto you will find one of the best Winter adventures which can be had in Ontario. I first visited the skating trail a few years ago before it gained in fame and popularity. The skating trail was recently named as one of the Top 50 Canadian Winter Experiences by, … Continue reading Outdoor Skating at Arrowhead Provincial Park

Composting with worms at the Cottage

Many of us have tried composting at the cottage, but are fearful of attracting bears or other animals to our compost piles. An exceptional alternate to composting outside is to Vermi-compost indoors all year long. Vermi-composting has become popular among backyard gardeners, urban farmers, and homesteaders looking to raise worms for personal use or to supplement a homesteading income. Continue reading “Composting with worms at the Cottage”

Restoring some old paddles found at the cottage!

Whilst rummaging around the cottage shed I came across two paddles, they were showing their age, as the wood was discoloured and varnish was peeling off, structurally they were no longer as sound as they once were.  What was I to do? use them in the boats in case of an emergency? discard them? No – I thought to myself with a little time and effort I can bring these paddles back to life and at the same time bringing some Canadiana back into my cottage. Continue reading “Restoring some old paddles found at the cottage!”

Good Cottage Neighbors – cherish what you have!

 With every passing day we become more dependent on our electronics and gadgets to get us through our everyday life. While I agree that with technology there comes some advancements in how we live our lives, we cannot ever replace the bonds and intangibles that having a good neighbor at the cottage brings you. Continue reading “Good Cottage Neighbors – cherish what you have!”

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

While stand up paddling may have developed in various places around the world, It’s more modern form originated on the beaches of Hawaii but now stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has spread around the world. The popularity in this sport that combines surfing and kayaking is something to be amazed at as it is the fastest growing watersports on the planet! Continue reading “Stand Up Paddle Boarding”

Dandelions – Friend or Foe?

It is springtime, and with the onset of longer days, warmer weather, we inevitably get dandelions infesting our lawns,  and gardens.  Whether you like them or hate them for what they are, you must admit they are adaptable, hardy and proliferate quickly. Many of us consider Dandelions a weed but consider the following facts before plucking them from your cottage. Dandelion Facts: Dandelion is a common … Continue reading Dandelions – Friend or Foe?

Mail Order Nurseries – Getting the right plants for your garden

Seven years ago I began my journey as a cottage owner north of Huntsville, Ontario. At the time I did not know that I had been bitten by the gardening bug, a very insidious disease. Once the disease takes hold victims feel a compulsion to spend much of their free time digging in the dirt and using their money to buy plants and seeds. Continue reading “Mail Order Nurseries – Getting the right plants for your garden”

Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to correctly manage your firewood

There are few things more enjoyable than sitting by a wood-burning stove or fireplace during the bitter cold of winter. The warmth, comfort and homey feel it can bring is enjoyable, but is not without some effort. You need to be very cognizant of how, and where you store your firewood, and what to do when you bring it inside for burning. Below are some tips on what you should be doing to properly enjoying your firewood Continue reading “Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to correctly manage your firewood”